Our Key Technologies

iAmbition Technology core technology includes 3D de-identified sensing technology, integrated artificial intelligence models, and visualized situation center platform. We are a people-oriented company, that focuses on helping our clients with digital transformation, ESG and sustainability. We aim to lead the industry in launching a range of innovative and people-oriented solutions.

Time of Flight (ToF)

ToF sensor uses LED or laser to emit light, and using the round trip time to resolve the distances of different positions of an object through a mathematical model which then generate the point cloud data or depth information of the object.

ToF can determine the depth, distance and orientation of objects without any light source and in complete darkness allowing for accurate detection of behavior and posture of human bodies or objects without any privacy concerns.

Bio-Sense Millimeter Wave (mmWave)

Radar(radio detection and ranging) uses radio waves to calculate the direction, height, and speed of objects relative to the site, and can be use to estimate the shape. By embedding a radar sensor, it enable us to locate a target in space and opens up many possibilities for different kinds applications.

The millimeter wave radar refers to the radar working in the millimeter wave band, which is completely unaffected by light and weather factors. It is ideal sensor for vital signs detection and monitoring because millimeter-wave radar can provide millimeter-level accuracy in distance detection.

iAmbition Technology proprietary design has highest precision in the industry's, with high-speed signal processing capability, enhanced distance detection, and integrated into a compact chipset to provide non-contact continuous detection capabilities, promoting development of healthcare applications such as human activity detection and vital signs (heartbeat, respiration) detection.

Artificial Intelligence

iAmbition Technology won the 2021 AI+ Startup Competition organized by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, as well as several other competitions. Our iCare solution also helped Kai-Syuan Psychiatric Hospital secure 2nd place in the 2021 Global Organization of Smart Cities (GO SMART) Award.

Our deep learning technologies are lightweight and efficient, fulfilling the responsibilities of an ESG enterprise in pursuit of environmental friendliness:

  1. Algorithms can run on Edge AI cameras, data center, the cloud, or using an hybrid architectures.
  2. Supports AI chip, VPU, NVIDIA GPU.
  3. Power consumption of our architecture is at 30% of our competition.

Internet of Things Platform

iAmbition Technology IoT platform supports ONVIF compliant digital cameras, spherical IP digital cameras, 180-degree wide-angle cameras, 360-degree fisheye cameras, LTE or 5G cameras, Edge AI cameras, thermal imaging cameras, digital video and audio access control intercom. 3D sensors such as ToF or mmWave radar as well as other smart devices such as smart glasses, air quality sensors are also supported.

Using a hybrid cloud architecture, IoT devices can transmit and store sensor data over the cloud. Using AI models, these data can be transformed into value-added services that people need.

Connecting many smart devices into a huge IoT platform and using technologies like mesh network, cloud technology, language translation and semantic analysis, we can provide application services in many fields, such as smart life, smart healthcare and intelligent energy conservation, leading to improvement in our quality of life and well-being.